The Seven Samurai Remake Review

Subject of the new movie The Seven Samurai, will be presented below. The remake will definitely be a great success, yet still do not know if this remake of The Seven Samurai, will be in 3D.

Briefly the subject of the The Seven Samurai movie looks like this: A small village of farmers in Japan is constantly attacked by bandits. One day after they learned that after the harvest will be attacked, they go to a wise old man and asked what to do. It says it can not afford to make their own army because they are not sufficiently trained and can not afford money for weapons, so it would be better to seek some samurai to defend them. They found a good-hearted samurai who agrees to recruit other fighters for them. He chooses seven real samurai to guard the village, battling the bandits.

Personally I love martial arts films and new movie The Seven Samurai is definitely one of the best martial arts films of 2011 (that is if the new movie The Seven Samurai will be released in 2011, possibly release date could movie to 2014 or later). At this time we can share the old movie trailer from 1954 and I will put the new movie trailer here too as soon as it will be available. Until then enjoy this beautiful trailer:

The Seven Samurai movie

trailer - Old movie from 1954